Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another Upcycling Project - Formal Dress

 So in a few weeks we are attending a wedding in Louisville for Rock's cousin.  In this post I talked about the co-ordinating outfits I was going to make for the wedding, however time ran away from me plus I found some really cute dresses for the girls when we were in Buffalo.

So this is the first time I got dresses for the girls that didn't match, they don't even match with the colours. I wasn't able to find 2 dresses that match in both sizes. I found 2 cute dresses that I think captures their personalities.

I looked both here and in Buffalo for a dress I could wear to the wedding but I wasn't able to find anything that I liked. So I thought I'd wear one of my old dresses.  One night just before bed, I had this great idea, I had another top like this one in black and thought it would pair nicely with a nice satin skirt. Another upcycling project.

Wednesday after Tutu's 18 month well baby I stop at Value Village and looked through their formal dresses.  I found this one with it's original price tag of $250, it was selling for $25 but it had some stains on the skirt (nothing I couldn't fix). I ended up picking it up for $20.  It was a size 10 but I knew it had enough material for what I was going to do.

Let me tell you working on it while sick you make a few mistakes, in cutting and measuring but it's starting to look cute. I still have a few things to fix on it (including evening out the hem). Plus I want to make a sash for it and I was going to make a headband from the bow and rhinestone from the original dress.

Sadly I have no before picture of the dress or shirt because when I came home on Wednesday, the girls were at swimming lessons and Tutu was having a nap. I wanted to take advantage of that quiet time and I started to deconstruct. So no before pictures but it was a floor length strapless dress. 

Hopefully in a few days I'll be finished with it because I finally came up with an idea for the wedding present and need to start on that.


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