Thursday, October 13, 2011

Road Trip

So in a few short hours we leave for KY. This is the 3rd time we will be doing the drive at night. It's been successful driving overnight so the children sleep and are quiet for the trip, makes for a tired mommy and daddy but a peaceful ride.  Rock and I take turns driving (although last time he drove most of the way as I was pregnant with Tutu and the one time I drove I was stuck in Cincinnati traffic, with morning sickness and had to be sick in a garbage bag as I couldn't pull over cuz we were stuck), then when we get there he goes and crashes while I watch the kids and then when he wakes up I go crash while he watches the kids. 
This will be Tutu's big road trip.  Monkey was use to us driving around a lot and taking longer road trips, Muffin was use to it for the first year and a bit and Tutu not at all.  I'm a bit nervous about how we're gong to do with all 3 kids but I'm sure we'll survive somehow.  I've loaded up the laptop with movies just in case.
Today at work I put the final touches on my dress, and made a matching headband to wear.  Still have a bit more packing to do and then we leave.
I wasn't organized enough to get some posts written before hand and have them pre-published so  it will be quiet around here for a few days. My FIL doesn't have internet, so I can't do it from his place. If I can get access to wi-fi, from my laptop then I will try and post

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celiacgirl said...

Loved your post as usual and hope your road trip is everything you'd hoped for. Have a great time with the family and see you when you get back.