Monday, October 24, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge

 I am so happy that we are home and trying to get life back in order. We had a blast over our vacation but I need a vacation from our vacation. We tried to cram so much stuff into one little week that I am pooped.

Thursday morning using the kids as alarm clocks we got up and headed out to Niagara Falls.  The kids ate breakfast in the car and when we got there we headed to the falls.  It was colder then I expected so we weren't dressed as warm as we could have been but nothing that a hot chocolate, tea and a coffee didn't cure. The girls hadn't been there in 2 years and loved seeing the majestic beauty of the falls.

We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.  The kids enjoyed it but Rock and I were not impressed. The food was not good at all and the prices certainly did not match the quality of the food.

The kids enjoyed all the animals in the cafe. After lunch we headed over to the Great Wolf Lodge. 

I  think the kids were over the moon, this is what they were waiting for the whole vacation. It's not that they didn't love visiting family but who can really trump this.  From walking into the lobby they were in love.

Tutu had fallen asleep in the short ride from Clifton Hill to the lodge and transferred into the stroller and continued to sleep. Rock and the girls quickly changed into their swimsuits and headed to the water park while I waited with Tutu.

While waiting for him to wake I played around with the timer on my camera and took a few pictures. Plus I surfed the web and uploaded photos from the wedding to Facebook for family to see. Once  he woke up we headed straight to the water park.

The kids enjoyed the bunk beds in the room and watching TV in their own little cabin.

Before dinner we went trick or treating at the different stations they had.

After dinner we visited the arcade for some fun.

Heading down to story time. And enjoying the show before the stories were read,. It was all done so well, the guy reading the story was great, very engaging, funny and captivated the kids attention.

 Before we checked out and headed back into the water park I snapped some pictures of the girls. Tutu was napping at this point,.

We had so much fun, lots of family memories were made. We will definitely be turning this into a yearly tradition.  I highly recommend this as a family get away.

Here is a video of Tutu enjoying the water park, he had so much fun. He even went on a big water slide twice. the second time he insisted he go.  Also over the last week Tutu went from not talking to increasing his vocabulary to over double.  It was a great week.



Anonymous said...

Lucky Gal- I've ALWAYS wanted to visit the Falls! One day before I die I'm gonna get there :)

Our family LOVES Wolf Lodge. That place is quite amazing isn't it?

Glad you all enjoyed your trip & made it home safely!

Ania said...

if you do get up here let me know and we can meet up.
The place was amazing and we all loved it. Worth every penny.