Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Biggest Obstacle

Why am I my biggest obstacle? Why do I stop myself before I even start? I guess you can't fail if  you don't start but you also can't learn.

Yesterday at work a co-worker had a flyer out for his side business. I made a few suggestions for him to improve it and then a whole bunch more to promote his business. I could do that because I've been doing A LOT  of research on small businesses, but that's where it ends, at the research.

I have a few ideas of what I want to do but the ones that call t me more wouldn't' be as profitable as some of my other ideas. So instead of taking any action I do nothing.

This weekend while vegging and recuperating from our vacation I listened to a lot of podcasts about turning you  passion into a career. The message that I heard over and over again is to follow your passion and the money will follow. Follow the money and you get nothing.

Another message that came across was it's ok to start something and if it doesn't work you can change things. The main goal is to take action. It doesn't need to be perfect and we learn more from our mistakes.  In order to succeed you need t be doing something.

So I guess I need to give myself a deadline and do it. Now would be a perfect time to start with the holiday season but I don't want to follow something because of the money.  I guess I will have to cater to my jack of all trades way and do a little of everything because that's what speaks t me now.  Maybe one things will stick or maybe doing a little bit of everything is the key to MY success.  I guess time will tell.


Amy said...

If you don't love what you do, you won't succeed. That is a huge key part of it, make sure you love what you are doing. Good luck!

Ania said...

Amy, I do enjoy doing all the ideas I have just some more then others. Working it all out.