Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekend Update

So I haven't posted for a week. Here is a look at the art I've created over the past week.

This was a quick watercolour I did of Monkey.

This is a drawing I did to potentially donate to a breast cancer fundraiser. This is the first one I did, it took 2 days to create. I like it and the colours but I didn't like the marker lines.

So I created another one on a different paper. But I still am not 100% satisfied so I'm working on a 3rd one.

So I'm in the midst of the 3rd one.

And this was our dinner for tonight. Rock made BBQ mushrooms and steak. I assembled the potatoes and onions, drizzled with bacon fat we grilled as well. And made an ode to the Canyon Creek chop house salad. Rock cut up the tomatoes and onion, I layered the onions on the tomatoes, pour raspberry vinaigrette on some and blue cheese dressing on the rest and crumbles blue cheese on the whole thing. It was super yummy.

And here are the big news around here is Monkey learned to ride her bike without training wheels. She basically taught herself to do it.

And last but not least I got new glasses. They are so funky, I LOVE them.
These are my butterfly glasses.

And these are my funky cutout ones.

And I will close out this post with some cuteness from tonight.

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