Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend Part 2

This morning I was woken up twice, once when the girls came in to get daddy so he could help them make me breakfast in bed. And again with the actually breakfast. I was treated to freshly baked cinnamon buns (not homemade this time) and tea.(I'm sorry to disappoint but I didn't get a picture of the tray or the lovely food). And got this lovely gift from Monkey.
The Card

It reads "She makes lunch for me"

It reads "she helps me, my brother and my sister"

It reads" she gave me a brother and sister to play with"

I'm glad my lunch making abilities are her top priority.

And the vase she made me.

We all pitched in and clean up the basement. The girls trashed it last week, they dumped all the bins of toys on the ground and so I could enjoy my day we cleaned it up. Then we all went outside to have fun.

Monkey had some homework to do and the teacher said she could type it up so she used the laptop while Muffin played and Tutu and Rock napped. I was working on a cover for my new art journal.

Tutu woke up and so I was dividing my time between helping Monkey and watching Muffin and Tutu play.

Monkey took a break and worked on a art journal page and I did my cover.

We had a snack. Can you not feel the love from them? All 3 love each other so much.

Some more playing

And then we (they) made art. I had to watch Tutu so the girls had fun without me.

Rock joined us while we played and....

Tutu learned how to climb up and slide down our little slide all by himself. He was so proud of himself.

After that we we enjoyed a yummy dinner of grilled steaks, mashed potatoes and salad. Rock makes the best steaks. And for dessert we had an apple pie my mom made.

It was a nice quiet day with my family. I enjoyed it but I did miss my MIL terribly. I miss our time together she was a second mom to me. She was my cheerleader, she pushed me to excel, my confidant. Mom I miss you.

P.S. Here is another portrait of another coworker.(Since I'm around them so much they are the subjects of my work). This one most resembles the actual person.

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Sam said...

You are such a great mom! I'm so glad you had such a great day! your kids are amazing,a nd you can totally feel the love between them, and all of you! Happy Mother's Day, dearest!