Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend Part 1

Saturday was a fund day with the family. We went downtown so we could go to the Bunch and GapKids Shop and Rock event.We got their a bit early so we walked around Yorkville. The girls loved the giant rock, they ran up and down and all over it.

Then we went to Pottery Barn. We picked up these plates, some divided plates and some Easter plates on sale. Then we went to Williams Sonoma and the girls asked for this, we didn't get the popsicle maker that the set goes with, we will just make them old school style in the freezer. Rock and myself found many things we would LOVE to have.

After the shopping trip we ended up at the GapKids. We watched Billy Kelly do his thing. The girls enjoyed the show, and Muffin rocked out towards the end and put smiles on the salespeople's' faces. I picked up some cute boots and socks for Tutu and then we headed home. Ran into my high school friend on the way to the subway.

You would think that after walking around downtown all afternoon we would be tired but we still went out for a walk with the kids. We went up to the bridge to feed the ducks and then down to the park where the kids played. The girls saw other kids climbing a tree and wanted to figure that out as well. I gave them a little help and got some cute pics as well. Monkey ripped her pants jumping down but that didn't stop her from doing it again.

You would think with all the walking around the kids did that day they would go to bed early but no the last kid (Muffin) went to bed at 11.

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