Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So I did my training again this morning in the pool. I can say while I'm still sore, the burn isn't as bad as i was last week. Between the walking and the swimming my body may be getting use to moving again. I did 1400m today (I was tired Tutu was up alot last night nursing, I like we have more teeth coming in). I did the 750m in 16 minutes. I even did 50m of fly. I learned 2 important lessons this morning 1) trying to put the 2 guys talking smack and thinking they are all that in place wastes too much energy. I tried to show them that they aren't all that by passing them and doing the fly to show them I could do it better. All it did was tire me out and swim a little slower after. And 2) in order for me to improve my time anymore I need to build up my endurance so I can swim the whole 750m freestyle instead of a freestyle/breaststroke combo. When I get tired I revert to breaststroke. The only way to build that is keep at it. So the potential to bring my time down is there I just need to be patient and train to get there. Instant results will result in injury. Another positive is I am down 3lbs from last week. By the end of the summer we will see a whole new me.

And speaking of training I'm trying to create a new piece of art everyday so that I can flex my art muscles. I'm seeing improvements with every piece.

Here is a self-portrait

And here is a portrait of my co-workers son

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