Monday, March 19, 2012

Creative Journey - A Daily Dose of Creativity Week 11

Another week has gone by. I have been taking the time to care for myself and have been crafting while doing so. It is very soothing  for me to craft and so I do it.


 I was teaching Monkey how to crochet. This was my second attempt. She did better this time and lasted longer but it's so hard with her fine motor skills lacking.

I also worked on my curtain. It's a tad too short so I was adding a tulle ruffle to the bottom.

And when the kids finally went to sleep I finally finished the stenciling.


I put the curtain in place, it really opens up the front hallway now. It's so much more bright and airy.

worked some more on the shell stitch blanket.


I did some sketching which I haven't done in a long long time.

and I worked on the blanket some more.


I worked on a background I've had sitting for almost a year.

and worked on the blanket some more. I have realized that I don't like projects that take me longer then a week to complete.

Did some more work on the blanket in the car.

worked on the blanket some more while I helped Monkey with her homework.

I hope that everyone had a creative week and produced a lot of stuff. Hope the upcoming week is as creative.

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