Monday, March 12, 2012

Creative Journey - A Daily Dose of Creativity Week 10

This post is a little late in the day but it's been a week. Some of my health issues have finally come to a head and so I am off work for a few weeks to try and rest and get better.  This really sucks because I'm so use to being on the go and getting stuff done and it's just not happening.  I am taking Dr's orders to heart and resting, taking care of myself and spending lots of time outdoors getting some sun.  It's been a somewhat productive week with my projects.


I started sketching invites for Tutu's birthday.

I finished the sketch but after posting it on facebook my friends informed me that it was a bit dirty. I didn't see it until they pointed it out so I modified it.

The final product, I still need to get it copied and printed.


I crocheted a belt to go with my new dress.


At the Dr's office I made this flower while waiting.

I also started a shell stitch blanket.


I ripped up everything I got done the day before and started it again with a bigger hook. Looking much better.


I had to fix up a throw I had made because the girls had pulled my not properly finished ends and it ran, Made a ruffle on it to join. As you can see I already had to do it once before. It just adds more character to it.

I started on a stenciled curtain as I want to redo the closet in my main entrance. The mirrored doors that were here when we moved are too big and not functional. I ran out of paint so I had to stop.

worked some more on the blanket.

Finished the big stencils. Now just need to add smaller stencil in between in a different shade of aqua.

Followed Dr's orders and kept my hands busy while outside. killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

I did managed to get a bit of stuff done but not as much as I normally do.  I hate feeling this way but this too shall pass. Just need to take time to heal.

I hope that everyone had a creative week and produced a lot of stuff. Hope the upcoming week is as creative.

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celiacgirl said...

Glad to finally read your post and love everything you're working on.

Get lots of rest, get well and miss you.