Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - Colour and Pattern

 I can't believe how quick time seems to fly now a days, or it could be that we didn't really have a winter this year so it seems that spring is here but it shouldn't be.  We've had snow a handful of days and it only lasted days at most. I'm not a winter person but we're in Canada, we're suppose to have snow. Plus poor Tutu is being deprived of playing in the snow the first winter he could really enjoy it.  

I still haven't posted about my meeting with the school. I am still upset and frustrated with it all, and trying to digest it. It is such a shame that the people who are suppose to help your children don't if you don't fit into their teaching model.  Very frustrating. 
Now that I've been holding myself accountable here on a weekly basis and posting my pictures on facebook and twitter daily I seem to get more done. This week I finished of 2 projects, an owl hat for a friend and  a baby hat for a friend's granddaughter. As well as started a ruffle scarf for me. I'm tempted to put it aside because I had a great idea for a flower but I don't want to have unfinished projects (my mom was/is the queen of that).
As with previous weeks I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy, Mama Go Round and the Transatlantic Blonde.

Wednesday, just another day at work.
headband - made by me
necklace - made by me
blazer - Lane Bryant
top - Lane Bryant
watch - purchased from a friend
pants - MXM

Thursday - work and Parent-Teacher Interview.
headband (not seen) - gift from my mom
top - Penningtons
cardi - Target
cowl necklace - made by me
beltt - Foreve 21
pants - Penningtons
socks -  Walmart (I had to go out and buy new socks since everyone seems to mistake my socks for theirs. The girls think my funky colourful socks are theirs. Rock mistakes my black ones for his and I end up with no socks. I saw these at Walmart and thought they were perfect. The are black t go with my work outfits but have the splash of colour on the toes and heels to make them mine).

Friday - another workday, something had happened at work the day before to upset me so I wore a blazer to show I was upset and be more "professional". A bit hard to do on a causal day. 
headband - made by me
blazer - Catherine's
jeans - MXM

Saturday was a busy day and we were rushing around in the morning to leave on time that I never got a picture taken and by the time I came home alone with all 3 kids at 9pm, and got them to bed I just didn't get the picture taken before I was in my pj's.  Saturday we started off at the zoo and we met the new baby polar bear. I forgot my camera in the car so we only have a few pictures from my cell phone.  After that we drove to Rock's Uncle's house to celebrate Rock's grandmother's birthday.  After that we dropped Rock off at the subway so he could go for a boy's night and I went to my friend's house (with the kids)  who I haven't seen since high school. I was exhausted by the end of the day.

The last few times we were at the zoo we didn't get to see the polar bears so up close and personal.

The new baby polar bear, they have him segregated for now.

And the rino.

We only stayed for an hour because we had so much to do and on the way back to the car we had a little role reversal.
Sunday we took the kids skating.
jacket - from a friend
gloves - target
pants - Additional Elle
 skates (not seen) - purchased that morning at Canadian Tire.

The girls really wanted to go skating. Monkey has skated before but Muffin has never been.  So we packed up all the kids and heading over to city hall for a skate. I was the only one who was skating from the adults so it made it hard because I needed to help all 3 non-skaters.  After a while Money picked it up again. She fell down a lot, but she would get back up and go again.  Muffin seem to skate better when I wasn't around and  Tutu walked  around the rink. My dad walked with Tutu around the perimeter.  All 3 kids had a blast and want to go again this weekend.

Monday - work
headband - made by me
watch - purchased from a friend
top - Addition Elle
pants - Penningtons

Tuesday - work and not feeling good, the girls have croup and I caught their virus so I tired to dress warm and comfortable for work.
headband - made by me
cowl - made by me
top - Lane Bryant
pants - MXM

I hope that everyone had a good a week.



Melaina25 said...

I so want to steal that purple cardigan!

Make sure to read the new "rules" for WIWW. Not really rules but I'm asking people comment on at least two posts (main post+ 1 other) now xoxo

Mindie Hilton said...

The first outfit is my favorite, super cute. Your pics make me excited, we are taking our youngest to the zoo for the first time in April for his 3rd B-day. Thanks for sharing your pics. Come strut your stuff sometime at my fri-monday weekly anything goes linky.

Ania said...

Thanks Melania, I love it too, it's so fun to wear it gives my outfits the right pop of colour,

Ania said...

Thanks Mindie, the kids are loving the zoo this year cuz we got a membership.

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

looooove the second look!

LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

Hi Ania,

Could you do a close-up pic of the DIY necklace you're wearing over the 1st outfit? I love statement necklace like that.

Oops, I supposed to first thank you for your kind comment, haha! Blame your cute necklace, I almost forgot. I hope you'll swing by again soon, maybe follow if you like my posts!

Anyway, could you do a DIY post on how you made that necklace? Thanks.

VIsit me:
LeeAnne, Style N Season

celiacgirl said...

You've had a busy week! When are we going to see the "owl hats" at the store? You need to start a small business. Love the reverse role shot of the the kids and hubby & I were talking about skating too. Something I used to love to do. Ciao sweetie!

Ania said...

Thanks Megan

Ania said...

Thanks LeeAnne, I will do tutorial for the bib necklace. I do have a similar one here

Ania said...

Thanks Shirley.