Sunday, February 5, 2012

Creative Journey - A Daily Dose of Creativity Week 5

I'm posting this a little early as I've started going to the gym again and tomorrow is one of my workout days. I go before work and don't feel like waking up even earlier to post. If you want to join up with my linky party it will open up tomorrow morning.

This week has been a productive week, I've got a few projects done this week.

Monday I made the eyes for an owl hat I was making for a friend.

Tuesday I sewed all the pieces together for the eyes and ears.

The eyes got added to the hat and it reminded me of the ghosts in Pac Man.

Then the beak was added.

One ear and...

And the hat is done.  I think it looks cute.

Wednesday I started on 2 projects, a hat and a scarf. The hat was inspired by this tutorial.

 The hat is getting bigger.

And same with the scarf.

The hat is for a friend's granddaughter and it was looking small so I measured it up to a 3-6 mos hat and I was right on track. I have forgotten how small an infant head is.

Thursday I got the main part of the hat done and started on the cuff of the hat.

And got the cuff done.

Friday I started on the ears...

Added them to the hat.

 Felt it was missing something so I added a bow ...

And then another. I like the way it turned out.

I went back to working on the scarf.

Saturday in the car I worked on it some more, a second colour was added to make strips.

And today I got some more done, now I'm starting on the ruffles.

2 projects completed and 1 3/4  finished. Not bad. I seem to get a lot more done now that I am keeping myself accountable.

Hope you all had a creative week as well and will join up with your creative endeavors. Even if it's not daily share with us what you have been up to.   I wish you another creative week ahead,



celiacgirl said...

Love the baby hat, that was sweet. I'll be giving it to her this Saturday. Thanks a bunch!!!

Ania said...

You're welcome Shirley.