Sunday, March 20, 2011

A busy week ahead

A busy week ahead, Tutu is turning one on Saturday and it's an extra special day for him because we will be baptizing him along with celebrating his 1st birthday. There is so much to do to get ready for the party and I'm already behind as I didn't get around to making the fondant today.
The plan for the week ahead:
Monday- make fondant, make filling, bake cakes, sign up the girls for soccer, order the food for the party and I have an appointment in the late afternoon
Tuesday - whip the whipped cream, assemble the cakes and freeze for carving, make rice krispies and shape, plus I have a friend coming over for a play date
Wednesday - cover the cakes and rice krispies in fondant, make goody bags, decorate
Thursday - clean, do groceries for the party, start party prep for the food
Friday - pick up the balloons, finish cleaning, finish decorating, any last minute stuff
Saturday - freak out and get everyone ready for 5pm mass. Then enjoy the celebration.
Sunday - birthday party in Cambridge

Plus I want to upload some pictures here from the last few weeks, show off some new house decore, wait for the dentist to call to get fitted for my mouth guard, get ready to start work the following Monday along with the normal craziness and business in our lives.

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