Thursday, January 3, 2013

Creative Journey Week 51 and 52

I made it one year with a daily creative act. Except for one day when I was very sick, I created something for 364 days.  This post is a bit late but between 2 nasty bugs in our house and our internet going down I am only getting to this post now. I trust everyone had a an amazing Holiday Season and celebrated with their families. 

Even though the year is done I think I will keep up with the act of creating daily, it was a lot of fun, very productive and provided me with blog posts.  If you want to see what I am up to on a daily basis you can check me out on facebook or twitter. I am also on Instagram now you an find me under @aniaspassion.

Dec 17

Working on a doodle, starting to feel more comfortable with my doodles. 

The kids and I worked on the presents for their teachers and principal.

December 18
Made some Christmas cards

Finished a hat, while waiting to see the surgeon at the fracture clinic

Made a phone cozy for my new phone

December 19
At physio starting another hat as a Christmas present

Finished another doodle

December 20
Started on a new doodle

Started working on some shield pillows as presents.

December 21
Another present started

Work on the doodle

December 22
Another present completed

December 23
Shield pillows made

Most of the presents I made all together, some had already been gifted and one missed the photo shoot.

Made some chocolate dipped cookies and peppermint bark, arranged the trays and put together the gingerbread houses so they would set and the girls could decorate them the next day.

And because I hadn't done enough started on another hat before I crashed.

December 24
More work on the doodle

The girls and I worked on the gingerbread houses while Tutu napped.

My brother was visiting for Christmas and he's modeling the hat I gave him.

December 25

Got so sick and very little work done on this hat.
December 26

I was the sickest on Boxing day and got so little done.

December 27
A little more work done but not much, still fighting the bug.

December 28th

Working on the doodle some more

Finished the hat

 December 29
With the kids starting to get sick, we just hung out at home and I started another hat and just had the ribbing left.

December 30
Finished the second hat

December 31
Started on another inspirational doodle, might be my motto for 2013

The makings of a yummy New Year's dinner. Some cheese stuffed jalapenos, bacon wrapped chicken and for the sickies some soup.

January 1

Making parts for an owl and a dino hat

January 2
Working on the owl hat, almost done but the urge to sleep won out.

January 3rd

Started on a hat for my mom's 60th birthday while at physio

I got a lot accomplished, I pushed myself to produce a lot of presents for Christmas. I can make hats in my sleep now.

I hope everyone had a creative and productive week, and the upcoming week is as productive and creative.


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