Sunday, June 26, 2011

A to Z and Everything in Between

I haven’t been around much lately because I’ve been having a hard time juggling all the balls in my life. The girls just started soccer and for the past 3 weeks we had 2 games a week for Monkey and 1 game for Muffin. On top of it, it seems like I have injured myself so last week I didn’t do any swimming. I have a pain behind my right shoulder blade that feels worse when I raise my arm. I’m going to get into physio this week to have that taken care of because I need to be ready for my race in September. Better it happens now then closer to the race (all though that said, if this was close to the race I would just swim through it and deal with it after).

Monkey's first time playing this year

Muffin's first time playing soccer.



Speaking of not dealing with things, I need to learn to better manage my hypothyroidism. I’m really bad with taking the meds so I can feel better. The problem is I need to take the pills at least half an hour before eating in the morning. Mornings around here are so crazy that I’m at work when I realize that I forgot to take my pills. I think I’m just going to stick the bottle in the bathroom and take them first thing. I’ve never kept them in the bathroom because apparently the heat and humidity in there can make them less effective. But less effective is better than not taking them at all.

I did manage to get some crafts in the last week. I used my friend’s machine to embroider a name on to a baby blanket for my cousin who is expecting a boy in August. I also hand embroidered the baby’s name on a sleeper as well. I created an obi inspired belt that is reversible and a chunky bead fabric covered necklace. I hope to have tutorials up this week for the last two. They were both quick and easy and look super cute.

Baby Sleeper

Obi inspired belt teaser

Chunky fabric bead necklace teaser

I’m just curious how do others deal with the working, housework, working out, me time and enjoying the nice weather with the kids juggling act? Right now working, working out (before work) and enjoying the nice weather with the kids are winning. That said if our wifi connection reached the part of the backyard the kids like to play in I would be able to sneak in some me time too.

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