Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vision Board

I'm in the process of creating vision boards for myself. I've created one for different aspects of my life. I've done one for my relationship with Rock, one for my family, one for my fiances and 2 (and counting) for myself. I've notice things are changing little changes but changes none the less. Yesterday I got an unexpected check in the mail. It wasn't for much but still it was more money coming in. Trust in abundance.

My personal vision boards

My family board

My relationship with Rock board

And mine for my finances

I put alot of prayer and meditation into them. The background I put some personal messages in them I drew pictures that would help me achieve my goals. I put personal affirmations into them.

For those who don't know vision boards, it's not make a wish and it will come true. It helps guide you to your visions. It helps open doors so you can succeed. You still have to work to make your dreams come true.

Also here are a few pictures I did today. The second one I did of my co-worker. I think that it looks like her but it's still done in my style.

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